Monday, December 28, 2009

The Best of Both Worlds!

Hey Nerds,

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday and here's to a great new year!
Well, I gotta say, as far as gifts go I made out pretty good this Christmas. And while I may not have deserved such gifting fortune, I got some pretty choice items.

One in particular I thought I would share with you bloggerheads.

My lady got me a Toy Machine skateboard, which by all accounts automatically gets the ol' Curator's "Rad as Hell" seal of approval. But, she went one step further and got me board with a graphic that is even more super stoke-worthy!

Just check it, a skateboard with amps on it...yeah that's right, AMPS. Does my lady know me or what?!

The marriage of skateboarding and amp collecting...THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!

Thanks darlin'.


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