Sunday, January 24, 2010



I told you to stay tuned for more with Sam. Well here it is, Sam and his Digitech Whammy. Now, despite having heard this thing on many recordings (you know like all those White Stripes albums you tell your hipster friends you don't listen to anymore...and by "you" I mean "me") I had yet to actually see one in person, up close. Kind of like the inside of my ear; I know what it is, I kinda know what it looks like, but I've never seen it with my own eyes. So as it turns out, this iconic pedal has a lot more to it than I thought! And who better to show this thing off than Sam, the master of pedals and gadgetry. I mean let's face it, the most complicated pedal that I know how to work is a Boss chromatic tuner...I mean really what is that moving light with those letters and stuff? I still can't make it actually do anything, I guess it's just supposed to turn my signal on and off. But I digress, wait what was I talking about? Oh yeah...yeah The White Stripes did have some cool music videos.

some quick specs:

The Whammy (duh)
Boss RC20
Sam's Les Paul (studio, I think)
AC30 mic'd with an SM57
oh, and a little sneak preview of the SV2 "slow volume" on that coming soon!

more pedals to come!

stay tuned!


Last exclamation point!

right now!



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