Saturday, June 5, 2010

Drums for Hire


St. Louis duo, Villains for Hire, are in the process of recording an album and they needed some spacey, junky sounding drums for one of their tracks. So they enlisted the help of the SPACE and the now infamous (thanks to You Tube) silver sparkle Ludwig kit to get just the right sound!

Check out this video of the session.

Some quick specs:
-SM57 on the snare
-SM57 on the floor tom
-Sennheiser e835 on the kick (mic'ed close to the rim)
-MXL 603 condenser over the kit, pointed toward the ceiling.
-Shure beta87 AND MXL 990 placed about 15 feet infront of the kit in the next room, placed at kick drum level.
-Rode NT1A first placed up the stairs on the landing (about 30 feet from the kit) then moved to an adjacent hallway (still about 30 feet away from the kit). This was for varying ambience.

Thanks to Sam and Jimmy for letting me be a small part of this awesome project. I can't wait to hear what else you guys have in store for the world!

'til next time,

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