Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Amp mic'ing has never been more fun!


I realize that I may be speaking to a select few of you out there, but how many times have you recorded tracks through your guitar amp and thought to yourself:

"Man, I need help finding a more unique guitar tone, and this copy of Nickleback's Guide to Recording Great Collective Soul-Inspired Guitar Tracks just isn't cuttin' it."

Well, to those select few I say try messin' with the mic'ing.

I know for me, a lot of times I get carried away with types of guitars, amps, speaker configurations, celebrity endorsements and effects, that I can completely overlook the importance mic'ing has on the recorded sound itself...(duh, I know). So fear not, Space Junk is delving into the world of AMP MIC'ING!
Last week Jon Armstrong and I decided to spend a day working on the ambience that one can achieve when properly mic'ing an amp. Jon had just gotten back from a Jet concert and wanted some REVERB for a change! I don't blame him. Granted we probably could have just turned up that little dial on the ol' Twin that says "Reverb" and just recorded that...but that wouldn't have been nearly as much fun nor as interesting, would it? So enough of my writings...I know you want to see the video.

Some quick specs:
-Fender Twin Reverb reissue
-Fender Jazzmaster
-Sennheiser 835 dynamic mic (close mic'd toward the center of the speaker cone
-Rode NT-1A condenser mic (moved to various places for desired effect)

In the video, the audio from the guitar is panned with the Sennheiser on the Right and the Rode on the Left.


NOTE: It's pretty crazy how much bigger you can get a clean guitar to sound just by putting some space between the mic and the amp! But like Reading Rainbow, don't just take my word for it...(doaw doaw doaw) DIY.



  1. Isn't "Amp the Ambience" the name of the forthcoming 3 Doors Down cd? No? Well, I bet they're kicking themselves for not thinking of it now.

  2. LMAO (A means "amp" in this anogram). I edited it. I had to change it after this epic reference to 3 Doors Down infiltrated my brain...but maybe I should try being MORE like 3DubD. Thanks Collin.

  3. Three Doors Down RULES!