Wednesday, September 23, 2009



Last weekend a bunch of amateur musicians assembled for a semi-regularly scheduled historic event known only as "StanManJamBand." As the name implies, it's a jam band that goes down at Stan's house. Who's Stan? If you do know, all you need to know is he's probably one of the raddest dudes on the planet! There were quite a few in attendance and the night was replete with memorable moments. To name a few...
-Ryan P. playing bass on Blondie's "Heart of Glass"
-Aaron Esquire tearing it up on some Jimi, and the subsequent dropping jaws from onlookers.
-Jonny A. playing bass on a song he didn't know he was playing until about 2 minutes in...never missed a note though!
-New guy Paul RIPPING on guitar, and not to mention his amazing Fender Super Six (modded, to use only 2 power about break up!). Here are some photos from the night. Well done, fellas!

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