Thursday, March 3, 2011

My New Guild Makes My "Heartbeat"!

Hey Nerdlies,

A couple of months ago I bought a new acoustic. Well, it's not "new" I guess, just new to me...wait a minute, now that I think about it, incidentally it was never played by its original owners, in the twelve years of its I guess it really is "new".

Well semantics aside, I found this beautiful all mahogany Guild D4 on craigslist and I had to scoop it up! So one January morning I traveled to West County and met the nice couple who had owned this little beauty since they won it in a raffle in 1999. Now I don't now very much about Guilds, but what I have learned is that 1999 is kind of a special year in the world of Guild because while Fender had indeed bought them by that time, their factory was still located in Westerly, RI and this D4 has the label to prove it. So I played the guitar for the first time in their living room and much to my delight it sounded beautiful; moderately bright with a good backbone of low-end...a solid strummer. But, I haven't told you the best part...wait for's signed by George Strait! Yeah, I know I would be jealous too.

Anyway, back to the second reason for this blog post. On Valentine's Day night I decided to record one of my favorite songs as a sort of Valentine to all my friends. The following is the result; First take, 1 single RODE NT1A, my D4 and my voice. I hope you enjoy.

Til next time,